Discover how to build your community and build a profitable biz with your secret weapon: Instagram

Want to grow your audience and generate sales on Instagram?

I thought so…

Instabuzz teachers you the strategies to grow your community and generate sales without cheap tactics or buying fans.

We break it down step by step, without any fluff, so you can see impact in your business right away.

Does this sound like you?

You want to have a real strategy for turning your Instagram following into a sales generating platform for your business.

You want to create more engagement on Instagram and turn your passion into a full time business.

You want to grow your audience - you have done research and tried a bunch of things but nothing seems to be working

You want to develop a real community - people who engage with your content and share your work across the internet.

You want to find your own voice and style, without being influenced by what other people are doing.

And most of all you want to know exactly how to tap into the incredible potential of Instagram with tried and true methods, that don’t take hours to implement.

Oh pal, you’ve found the right spot.

We totally get it. We’ve been there.

See, we used to be exactly in your shoes. Spending hours per day on Instagram and seeing very little growth. Our efforts did not match the impact we were having…

I would try a whole bunch of different posts, image looks and feels and our captions… Oh dear, don’t even get me started.

I would spend hours researching different approaches, but not being entirely sure which would work and because no one told me how to do it.

I would get frustrated wanting to turn my passion of helping entrepreneurs into a full time job and knew Instagram was the key but I couldn’t make it work

But then, things changed

I developed a system, one that actually worked, to grow my Instagram audience and actually generate sales.

In just 6 months Maker Academy has grown to an audience of 17k real followers with a genuine community around it. We’ve developed a wildly successful podcast, get consistent and increasing traffic to our blog and have a hugely engaged community, all through Instagram.

And now I’ve compiled my most successful strategies into a step by step system called Instabuzz.

In Instabuzz, we’re pulling back the curtain to show you exactly what we did to grow our Instagram audience.

We’re showing you exactly how to find your ideal customer and what you need to do to turn them into passionate and loyal buyers all in less time than you’re already spending…. Win!

What you will learn in this 4 week course?

Instabuzz is a step by step system that will help you find your ideal customer, create a feed that resonates with your buyers, tap into the power of community to build awareness and implement some advanced marketing strategies to help you generate sales.

  • Identifying your ideal audience and connect with your community
    Learn exactly who your ideal customer is and discover exactly what content to produce that connects with your community
  • How to create content that engages and converts
    Learn how to create a branded Instagram feed, take amazing photographs and how to develop a strong brand that attracts a continually growing audience
  • How to use the power of your community and influencers to accelerate your growth
    Learn how to develop an Instagram sales funnel that uses your community and Influencers to generate awareness and accelerate your growth.
  • Advance marketing strategies and sales generating campaigns
    Learn advanced strategies to grow your audience, move your audience further into your sales funnel and discover exactly how to develop sales generating campaigns
  • Monitor to grow
    Learn how to monitor your community and discover how your analytics can give you more sales opportunities.

Want bonuses? You’ll get plenty!

Registering for Instabuzz will not only give you access to all four modules, with video tutorial and written PDF’s, you’ll also get:

  • 1. Membership to private community

    In this group you’ll have access to Courtney and Elliot, as well as other members. This group is focused on Instagram and how to grow your business using the platform. Meet like minded folks, learn from their experience and get answers to all of your questions.
  • 2. Weekly office hour Q&A’s with us (worth $1500)

    Each week we’ll be offering online Q&A sessions to get answers to your questions and personalised help.
  • 3. Workbooks and plug and play files

    We’ll be giving you workbooks to make putting your lessons into action a breeze. We’ll also be sharing the documents we use in our business, including sales emails and survey questions so you don’t need to worry about finding the right words to say.

Testimonials for Maker Academy

  • “ Week 1 lesson is a realization for me. I was able to look into things which I have been doing for nearly two years since I started IG for ThePaperblooms; things that are somewhat lacking especially on the quality of posts.

    I remembered the time when I have noticed that I'm getting no more than 15 likes in every post. Then I changed the way I shoot it. Eventually, things changed. But this week's lesson took me to another level, and I can see the result immediately with my last six IG posts soon after the lessons.

    You guys are amazing”

    Gerry Rosales @ thepaperblooms (Boot Camp Participant)
  • As a girl boss who does everything on my own including website, logo, and label design, it has helped so much to get professional input! I do so much research in between running SisterGood, creating magic, and social media marketing, so the biggest thing I've taken away from your boot-camp so far is that I'm on the right track! It's been really amazing to feel the pat on the back and reassurance that I'm doing everything the right way. So thankful for that! It takes off so much stress!

    Kel @ www.sistergood.co (Boot Camp Participant)
  • This module has been such a game changer. Many people (including me) go about it willy-nilly with hope and a prayer. This shows that we must be strategic. I love the care you have put into the steps for this module. There are a lot, but it's in depth and will be worth it at the end.

    Sarah - Instabuzz Beta Tester

Love it, or get your money back

Not sure if Instabuzz if right for you? Well, we’re giving you a full month to put the course into action.

We are offering this policy because we know you’re going to LOVE the results you see from Instabuzz and I want you to see how game changing this course can be, without any risk.

Now, if you do want a refund, you’ll have to show me that you’ve watched the videos and put the lessons into practice. So long as you’ve done the work, we’ll happily give you a full refund within 30 days. We know Instabuzz works if you do!

Got questions? I got answers!

  • I’m just starting out, will Instabuzz help?
    Most definitely! We take you through step by step with detailed instructions and no fluff. Plus, you’ll have access to additional support from us in the weekly Q&A’s and our Facebook group.
  • I’m more experienced, will Instabuzz help me?
    It sure will! We are offering real systems and advanced strategies that you can implement in your business. We are really comprehensive, so you’ll have the opportunity to refine what you’re doing with our methods and grow even more.
  • How long will this course take?
    This course focuses on one module per week for four weeks. We are going through it together as a group so you can learn from each other.But you can take your time with it and go at a rate that pleases you.
  • Do you offer refunds or guarantees?
    You bet! If you try Instabuzz for 30 days, put our lessons into practice and you don’t get results, we’ll happily give you your money back.
  • How long do I have to access this course?
    Forever friends! Register for Instabuzz and you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials, which will be continually updated with new strategies, courses and videos.
  • What format is the course content delivered in?
    Learn the way that suits you best! You’ll get access to course videos, transcripts, and downloadable work books so you can read, listen or watch.

Your Instructor

Courtney Johnson
Courtney Johnson

Courtney Johnson is a passionate cheerleader for creatives who want to build their business.

She uses fun, simple and effective marketing tips from her 10 year experience to help makers find their profitable niche. She earned her chops at Etsy and running craft fairs.

If she's not working on Maker Academy, you'll catch her taking long walks by the river, listening to Wilco and making up songs to get Elliot to smile.

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